Private & Online Personal Training in edmond, ok

Holistic health
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There’s so much information out there regarding fitness, health, and body science. Quite a bit of it is contradictory or just plain false. That’s where we come in. The experts at Lion take all of that information, determine what’s correct, devise an action plan, and then help you through it. We’re bringing smart, focused and sustainable personal training to Edmond, OK. Because your health matters most.

Retake Your Body
The goal for you is longevity. If you want to look good in the process, you need a strategic, sustainable plan that isn't overwhelming.
Rethinking Your Approach To Nutrition
We make creating an actionable food plan as simple as possible. We believe that it's important to customize your plan to eating towards each and every individuals need's. We identify your nutritional needs and help your replace bad eating habits with good eating habits.