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There’s so much information out there regarding fitness, health, and body science. Quite a bit of it is contradictory or just plain false. That’s where we come in. The experts at Lion take all of that information, determine what’s correct, devise an action plan, and then help you through it. We’re bringing smart, focused and sustainable health and fitness to Edmond, OK. Because your health matters most.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Private Personal Training

Guided, professional training programs tailored to you and your goals, right here in our Edmond, OK gym. Just you and the trainer.

Online Personal Training

Can't make it to our gym? Don't let that stop you. Our Online Personal Training accommodates your schedule and your workout resources.

Weight-Loss Program

For results-driven weight-loss, look no further. Our Weight-Loss Program, offered in 3- or 6-month spans, gets you where you want to be.

Iron Program

The Iron Program is a twice-weekly routine for young men ages 10-18. They'll learn weight-lifting, Jiu-Jitsu and self-defense, and it even promotes mental health and weight loss.

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching works with you and your palate to find foods you enjoy, then sets you up for a new mindset around food and eating.


Metanoia will help you overcome mental barriers, and emerge with a new sense of clarity and self-awareness. You'll spend an hour each week for three weeks with Charlie. It's a tough journey, but a worthwhile one.

Body Optimization Technique

Mitigate or clear-up existing aches and pains and prevent new ones with our Body Optimization Technique. It's the sort of body maintenance that will pay dividends for years.

Longevity Program

We all want to live as comfortably and as healthy as possible, and our Longevity Program helps you to do that. Learn techniques and fitness regiments that will allow you to age gracefully and minimize future health problems.

I've been training with Charlie for 5 years.

And I couldn’t ask for better results. I look and feel absolutely fantastic.


Since becoming a Lion, I have made strides I never thought I could.

I’ve hit my first major goal weight, learned to have a healthy relationship with ALL food, gained strength, confidence and have overcome a lot of long term pain that used to stand in my way. I honestly feel like a new person inside and out.


Isaac is a dedicated and compassionate personal trainer that truly cares about his clients.

I have worked with numerous personal trainers in the past and can say that Isaac is top notch. You leave every workout feeling empowered, encouraged and energized. You never feel defeated after the workout, rather you feel stronger and accomplished. I can’t recommend him enough. He has truly changed my mindset about working out, along with my life, for the better.


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