About Us

Since 2016

We started out training clients in our garages in 2016. We didn’t have much except several loyal clients. When God brought the team together, we made a commitment to help our community with their health and physique. So we opened our private gym here in Edmond to create a pure personal training experience for clients of all ages and health.

Meet the Lion Team

Charlie Hancock

Health Coach

There is no magic pill. There is no perfect exercise program. But there is a solution. And we love discovering that unique solution for each of our clients. We built this business to remove as many obstacles as possible for our clients to take initiative. If you can show up, you’re already halfway there.

Isaac McCay

Isaac McCay

fitness coach

Many of us are attacking the symptoms and not the cause of our problems. Early on as a personal trainer, I saw plenty of room for improvement in the way my clients approached their health. These common problems are responsible for many health issues nationwide. But who can we blame? At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own bodies. But that’s exactly where I’m driven to help. I want to assist each of my clients in their journey to develop a healthy relationship with exercise and nutrition.

Tamara McCay

Tamara McCay


Managing our members and seeing them make progress, both mentally and physically, has been extremely rewarding for me. Many clients come in with emotional and mental obstacles, just as I did before I took control of my mind and body. I believe the encouragement and accountability we have here at Lion can really transform lives.

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