Private Personal Training

Lion's personal training programs are tailored to you

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Lion understands that everyone’s needs and obstacles are different. We deal with each client individually.

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Whether it’s health or aesthetics, your personal challenges and progress shouldn’t be obstructed by gym insecurity. There’s no one else in the gym, just you and the coach.

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Each one of our programs offers several options, because life can be hectic. In addition, you’ve got 24/7 access to Lion’s trainers. You can ask anything you like, and we’ll respond quickly.

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Lion provides guidance and training that meshes with your lifestyle and skill level. You’ll never get more than you can handle. It’s all designed to be challenging, but not stressful.

30-Minute Sessions

8 Sess./Mo

$ 300 Per Month

1-Hour Sessions

8 Sess./Mo

$ 500 Per Month

12 Sess./Mo

$ 700 Per Month
Best Results

Due to balancing volume and scheduling, we have a max limit for number of clients we can take in.