Lion's personal training programs are tailored to you

We’ve got a personal training program for everyone. Whether you want to work out in our facility with a group, or at your preferred gym…whether you’re a workout beginner, or you’re looking to take your training performance to the next level…whether it’s for a little while, or you’re in it for the long haul… Wherever you’re at, and whatever you want to do, Lion can help.

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Lion understands that everyone’s needs and obstacles are different. We deal with each client individually

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Whether it’s health or aesthetics, your personal challenges and progress are confidential. Lion never shares anything without your permission.

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Each one of our programs offers several options, because life can be hectic. In addition, you’ve got 24/7 access to Lion’s trainers. You can ask anything you like, and we’ll respond quickly.

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Lion provides guidance and training that meshes with your lifestyle and skill level. You’ll never get more than you can handle. It’s all designed to be challenging, but not stressful.

Private Personal Training

Private Personal Training

Lion offers personal training for all of our clients, at our brick-and-mortar location in Edmond. Each session is optimized for your unique needs, because we understand that everyone is different. Show up in person for your one-on-one workout and use our equipment, while our highly skilled trainers guide and help you along the way. Plus, enjoy a free first session, on us!

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Class

Come and join one of Lion’s small group classes. Each one pairs you with other students that have common goals, body types and skill levels. There’s a healthy dose of both camaraderie and competition, allowing you to reach new heights together. At the same time, it’s still intimate enough for each student to receive personal instruction along the way.

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Think of it as a personal trainer in your phone. Need to work out from home with just bodyweight exercises and no equipment? Check! Want to work out at your local gym, but not sure exactly what or how you should?Done! Need help with simple guidelines and strategies for your nutrition that are sustainable? Lion has you covered.

Corporate Wellness Personal Training

Corporate Wellness Program

While corporate life is necessary, it also takes its toll on the body. Hours of sitting and desks and computers often lead to poor posture, pain, and harmful eating habits. There’s no better way to reverse that process than to get together as a group and join our corporate wellness program. It’s designed specifically for you.


Wedding Prep Program

Need to fit into your dress or your suit? Let us take the stress away of your journey to lose weight, with our special wedding-optimized personal training. That way, you can focus on your wedding! Brides and Grooms earn free stuff by joining today!