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Our Body Optimization Technique program is designed to help you overcome physical limitations and pain that hinder your daily activities. We work with you to identify areas of difficulty and develop a personalized plan to improve your abilities and independence. By focusing on the patient's specific needs and goals, we empower you to live your life to the fullest, with greater assurance and autonomy.

Improve Mobility, While Reducing Stress and Tension

Unfortunately, a lot of the activities we perform in life put wear-and-tear on our bodies. Whether it’s lifting a child in and out of a car, sitting in a chair all day, or even exercise, these things—even done correctly—can place a ton of stress on our joints and muscles. That’s where Lion’s Body Optimization Technique comes in: we’ve engineered a program that corrects your postural issues, helps you recover from aches and pains, and improves your overall mobility.

Tailored to You

We always consider your abilities, the features of your environment, and the specific activities that are important to you...all in a private setting.

Designed for All Abilities

We provide ergonomic and bio-mechanical modifications, no matter your age, health or capabilities.


We help you heal, recover and improve overall, for a better quality of life.


$75 per week

1 Session Per Week

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Explore Body Optimization Therapy by claiming your 1st free session by scheduling a consultation.

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